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We bring your imagination into products and custom designs.


Best quality products for make-up brushes and cosmetic accessories


We are always reliable when it comes to customization.


We never compromise the quality yet provide the best sustainability.


Innovation Through Creativity

Innovation through creativity and forward thinking allows us to better collaborate with our clients in finding the best suited designs, ideas, and solutions, and help them anticipate market trends and boost their brand identity and recognition.

TS Corp employs a dedicated team of designers and technicians whose roles are to constantly research, test, and integrate new equipment, as well as new materials to our development processes.

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Best Quality

Details, however small, can have massive effects on the result as a whole. TS Corp takes great care in every aspect of it’s production execution – from design conception, passing through prototyping and mould creation, all the way down to full-scale production.

We also pay full attention to our clients’ inputs, striving to instill uniqueness to every product we develop for them.

Innovative Design

Every product we have decided to offer our clients was developed with the highest regards to material quality, attention to detail, aesthetics, ergonomics, as well as a true sense of passion for what we do and the market we serve.

Our products and designs are fit for every segment of the beauty industry. From simple home use to professional make-up styling; or from the younger, more carefree consumers to the more mature, brand-sensitive and high-end ones – TS Corp has a wide range of brush and accessory collections readily available for our clients to choose from.


For TS Corp, sustainability is not just a trend, it is a corporate value and lifestyle. Since its founding in 2006, the company has always held strong principles in the field of corporate responsibility – with a focus on the impact of its manufacturing processes on future generations. This awareness has been strengthened by acknowledging that our choices as a company affect not only our business, but the environment around it.

TS Corp’s manufacturing processes take this belief as one of its core values. The company aims to minimise its negative environmental impact by favouring multi-use and recycling, using clean energy such as solar, low-consumption lighting, and within manufacturing, consistently improving process tasks to reduce waste.